Tuesday, May 3, 2011

College to Pros: A Whole New Game

By Ben Glidden
There is no guarantee that Jovan Miller or any of seven Syracuse University Lacrosse players to be selected in this year’s Major League Lacrosse Draft will perform well at the professional level. Every draft pick is a risk, just like it is with any other sport. But Jovan Miller said he is ready to take on the challenge ahead of him.
Miller said he has learned a lot at Syracuse and it will prepare him for the professional season ahead of him with the Rochester Rattlers.
“Syracuse taught that you can change a life by playing with your heart,” Miller said. “I also learned that the most valuable thing you can give to a fan is your time.”
A player entering the MLL not only needs a developed game, but also the ability to learn quickly as there are many rule differences from the college game.
One major difference is a 60-second shot clock, which increases the speed of the game.
“One of my favorite things about the pro game is the shot clock,” Miller said. “I think that is the biggest thing to get used to because it speeds up the game and makes it more action packed.”
Miller will be the new guy in Rochester but he will be playing with some familiar faces. Current teammates Joel White and John Galloway also got drafted to Rochester so Miller gets to bring a few friends along with him.
Miller said he owes a lot to Syracuse Head Coach John Desko as he was a big part in developing his game.
“I think he definitely showed me what my strengths were as a player and things I could improve on.” Miller Said.
Miller has already been in touch with Rattlers Head Coach BJ O’Hara. He said O’Hara congratulated him and looks forward to coaching him this summer.

Photographer: Jason Rostkowski

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