Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Official: Rick Pitino is Crazy

By Ben Glidden

No one can deny the fact that the Big East is a large conference. Some would even say the Big East has become too big, especially with the upcoming addition of TCU. There are a few conference coaches that think something needs to be done. Even Jim Boeheim has said the conference needs to figure something out.

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino recently came up with a plan for Big East realignment. Some would call his plan radical, others (like myself) would call it insane.

The plan separates the Big East into east and west divisions. He split up the divisions into football and non-football schools. Each team will play the other teams in its own division twice. The only way an east team will play a west team would be at the end of the year when the best of each division would meet at Madison Square Garden.

Representing the east would be: Villanova, Georgetown, St. Johns, DePaul, Marquette, Seton Hall, Providence and Notre Dame.

The west division would be made up of: Syracuse, Pitt, Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati, TCU, Rutgers, UConn, and USF.

My first question is, who taught Pitino geography? Since when is Syracuse west of Depaul and Marquette? The guy doesn't even know what a map of the United States looks like. Why would you name the divisions east and west if that makes no logical sense? He could have named them A and B, Alpha and Omega, or Dog and Cat. Almost anything would have made more sense than east and west.

Another major flaw in this plan is the number of teams in each division. Is Pitino mathematically challenged also? If each team played each other twice, the east division would have 16 conference games and the west would have 14.

Did Ricky go to Georgetown? Because he has obviously been cheated out of a good education.

My biggest problem with the plan is the fact that major basketball rivalries will be torn apart. Orange Nation was livid when the Big East announced Syracuse and Georgetown basketball teams would only play once this season. Can you imagine what would happen if the two teams were completely separated?

Look Rick, I'm sorry you think your schedule is too hard. I'm sorry you can't just man up and deal with it like the other coaches. Your plan is almost as ridiculous as the amount of gel you put in your hair on a daily basis. You need to just sit back, and leave it to the big boys to solve the big boy problems.

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