Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Syracuse Tailgating Must-Haves

What’s arguably the most fun aspect of football season that emphasizes camaraderie and great food?

If you guessed tailgating, you’re right. Here at OSS we’ve previewed the Big East, discussed the Do’s and Don’ts of Fandom, and written other super-duper articles detailing the upcoming football season. But now, it’s time to talk about the art of tailgating. When done right, the tailgate can make the football experience a much more pleasant one (especially if SU loses).

So without further ado, here are the must-haves for the upcoming Syracuse tailgating season.

Chairs - No one wants to stand up and only two or three people can sit in the trunk. So grab some beach chairs, but forget the sandals.

Beer - Bring it. Drink it.

Cornhole - Cornhole is in the Hall of Fame of tailgating games. People of all ages can play and its an easy concept. You can even make your own Syracuse themed set, which is a fun family activity in itself.

A Positive Attitude - Corny, but true. Tailgating has a mope-free policy.

Coneys from Heid’s/Hoffman’s
- These albino looking hot dogs (technically “sausage”) are native to upstate New York and have survived thanks to their cult following. Think hot dog with a kick.

Trash Bag - the most under-appreciated item in tailgating history and the probably the one most often forgotten. Don’t just throw it in the car or let it blow away in the parking lot, bring a trash bag.

BBQ from Dinosaur BBQ - It’s no secret that Dinosaur makes the best barbecue around. Can’t stress it enough, the must-have of the must-haves.

A Football - Pretend you’re Ryan Nassib and toss the pigskin around. Just don’t hit the other cars, that counts as an interception.

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