Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easy Tips To Get You On ESPN At The Next Syracuse Sporting Event

By Ben Glidden

If your mom is like mine, she calls you before every sporting event you attend asking where you'll be so she can look for you on T.V. Well, you can save your mom the trouble and make sure the camera man focuses on you directly with these easy tips to get yourself on ESPN.

Get Loud - Do you think a camera man is going to focus in on someone standing in silence? No. ESPN wants to find the most enthusiastic fans in the crowd. Go crazy the entire game. I don't care if you're tired or if you have a headache, cheer your heart out if you want to make an appearance on the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

Stand Up - This one is obvious. If you're a part of any crowd at a big sporting event, stand up. How are the cameras going to spot you behind all the dedicated fans on their feet? Oh, your feet hurt? Too bad. Stand up.

Arrive Early - A lot of times, the opening shot for the game is taken an hour or so before it actually starts. The cameraman will ask a group of fans to get together and cheer as if something exciting is happening. While this is extremely unnatural, it is a sure fire way to get on ESPN.

Look The Part - Syracuse's color is orange. If you come to the game in green, don't expect to get on ESPN. Make a stop at the bookstore before the game. Get some orange and blue face paint, a foam finger, or one of those awesome puffy orange wigs. If you're decked out in Orange, the camera will be attracted to you.

Put these tips all together and you are almost guaranteed to be on ESPN. Need proof? Check out the picture above. That's me on the right. I'm clearly standing, loud, decked out in orange and I was one of the first students to arrive at the game. It's a recipe for success.

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