Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Theoretical Brawl - Syracuse vs. Georgetown

If you didn’t know, Georgetown got into a massive brawl with a Chinese basketball team. Click here to watch. It's just brutal.

After watching the tape, it looks like Georgetown’s Jason Clark started it, although the Chinese players may have initiated the fight/brawl/WWIII/whatever you want to call it. With that said, the Hoyas did not respond well at all. They scrambled around the court looking for people to shove, but instead just looked lost. After the game was called, the score was tied at 64-64. But because the Rockets just killed (not literally) the Hoyas in the brawl, I’d have to give them the edge in the game.

This got me thinking though, who would win in a fight between Syracuse and its hoodlum rivals, the Georgetown Hoyas. Now, before you stop me and say we’re too classy to stoop to their level, I’d like to say I know - this is an entirely theoretical brawl.

Here’s the scouting report for the Orange:

Fab Melo - If I’m a Hoya, I’m not going anywhere near this behemoth. At 7’0” and 250 lbs, Melo provides the Orange with an intimidating presence capable of taking down any Hoya. Let’s not forget that Melo was arraigned in Syracuse City Court for a criminal mischief charge, so we already know if there’s a fight, Melo has no limits.

CJ Fair - According to sources (fake sources), Fair, the southpaw, has a mean left-hook. It doesn’t hurt that he has a blend of size, strength and quickness that could certainly be of use in this theoretical brawl.

Scoop Jardine - He may be the lead guard on the court but would he be in this fight? Depends on the matchup - if he’s going up against the rail thin Jason Clark, Jardine has the advantage, but against the hulking Noah Lubick, eh, not so much.

Kris Joseph - Joseph gives the Orange some more international flare. He brawls Canadian style, so watch out Hoyas.

Not everyone on SU is built for this though. Sophomore walk-on Nolan Hart is 5’10” and 150 lbs. He should just stay in the locker room.

Hopefully nothing as dramatic as this horrible affair will happen in basketball again. But if it does, now we know who the Syracuse studs would be.

Who do you think would help us in this non-existent, completely theoretical brawl? Tell us on Twitter - @OSliceSports

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  1. I wish Cuse still had Eric Devendorf. Put him in a ring against all the Hoyas and he would come out victorious. He's a beast.

  2. The outcome of this may depend on where the game took place. In the carrier dome 35,000 strong would come and crush every hoya in site. In the verizon center, there wouldn't be a cuse fan in sight cause they wont let us in. Then again, their fans would probably run away crying.

  3. Derrick Coleman would have been a beast. A little past his brawling prime right now, though

  4. A couple years back, Paul Harris would have just had to take off his shirt and the Hoyas would run away scared.

  5. Sooo true. Paul Harris was a man amongst children. Still don't see how a 6'4" player can rebound so well. The kid was tough as nails.

  6. Boeheim would start breathing fire.

  7. I'm afraid he already does. Bernie Fine would go to work on em too