Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Facebook Page Every Syracuse Fan Should "Like"

Via Sportsapalooza
Ever since Big East Media Day, Cuse Nation has been buzzing about one hairy fixture on the face of an enthusiastic Syracuse Football player. That player is Mikhail Marinovich and that hairy fixture is his new, sleek, manly mustache.

People are calling it "Mustache Mania" and I personally can't wait to see that bad boy take the field this fall. So many people are latching on to this frenzy that a "Mikhail Marinovich's Mustache" Facebook page has recently been created to promote the furry masterpiece that'll strike fear into the hearts of quarterbacks everywhere.

Marinovich is a defensive end for the Orange. Last season he earned three sacks and recovered a fumble. He made ten solo tackles and assisted on 20. There is one reason why those numbers will improve this season. Many people say that when you cut your hair, you become weaker. This is the reverse effect. Due to Marinovich's new mustache, he will become stronger, faster and a better overall football player.

Do you support the stache? There are a few ways you can show it. One way is the like the Facebook Page. Another way is to buy the "Mustacheovich" t-shirt from Sportsapalooza. The final way is to show up to Syracuse University football games and cheer on the team. I know Mikhail will appreciate it.

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