Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Syracuse Football Players Disappoint in Lobster Eating Contest

By Ben Glidden
Today is Big East Media Day, which can only mean one thing. Last night was the Big East clambake. Every year, the best football players from the Big East go head-to-head the night before they address the media. Who ate the most lobsters?

This year's crown went to USF's Jeremiah Warren who put back a record-tying seven lobsters. Let me just repeat that, he ate SEVEN lobsters. Warren is a 327-pound offensive lineman and now has the title of lobster king. He probably would have broken the record but the event actually ran out of lobsters.

Warren tied former Syracuse Orange Football player Ryan Durand who ate seven lobsters a few years back. Durand's success in the contest translated to NFL success as he is now a guard with the Tennessee Titans.

I'm extremely impressed with Warren but disappointed with the performance from the Syracuse football team. Here are the results:

Mikhail Marinovich - Three Lobsters

Antwon Bailey - Two Lobsters

Chandler Jones - One and a Half Lobsters

Ryan Nassib - One Lobster

C'mon guys. A combined seven and a half lobsters? At the media day Jones said he put on 20 pounds during the off-season. He had the opportunity to put on a few more today and passed it up. His goal was "seven, maybe eight" lobsters but he fell way short of that mark.

"I feel like I let you guys down, but I promise you I wont let you down this fall," Jones said to Cuse Nation.

Syracuse Football is ranked fourth in the Big East Media poll that was released today. It looks like the team needs to put down the footballs and pick up the butter and start training for next year's contest.

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