Monday, August 1, 2011

Will Drugs Tear Apart a Tight Knit Syracuse Football Family?

By Ben Glidden

Photo Courtesy of Jason Rostkowski

As you've all probably heard by now, Syracuse football player Marcus Sales was arrested this weekend on a wide array of drug charges.

According to The Post-Standard, the police found Marijuana, Lortab Tablets and a few digital scales in his car. Sales was also reportedly drinking alcohol at the time he got pulled over for running a red light. reported this morning that Sales has now been released from jail, so what happens next? Doug Marrone already released a statement that said the matter was being handled internally. So where does that leave the fans? Will Sales play this season or will he get the boot?

Last night I talked with a current Syracuse Football player. For privacy reasons, the name of this player will not be released. This player told me "I think he'll be fine to play" and "He's gonna get out of it." I'm not sure if this player knows something that we don't, or if he is just being confident. But this players confidence may be a good sign.

The next question is, do we really want Sales back on the team after this? After a breakout performance in last season's Pinstripe Bowl, Orange Nation expected Sales to have a great year. But after an incident like this, is it worth it? Marrone always preaches about tradition and family and this goes against everything Syracuse Football stands for.

What is more important to Syracuse football, production or pride?

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