Friday, August 12, 2011

The Do's and Don'ts of Syracuse Sports Fandom

By D.E. Connors

Courtesy of Jason Rostkowski
Before the fall sports teams begin their seasons, the squads undergo a tough two to three week preseason starting in mid-August. They run (a lot), learn plays, practice and run more in the hot sun to prepare for the season ahead. It’s a major part of the D-1 grind.

Considering athletes are now on campus working to get better, I thought it’d be appropriate to have our own “Fan Preseason.” I’m not asking you to pass a conditioning test or memorize plays, just learn these Do’s and Don’ts of being a fan. Listen to me and don’t be “that guy.” Pay attention, too. The “Fan Preseason” is a major part of the D-1 fan grind.

The Do’s

1. Stand Up - The Otto’s Army president, Ashley Andrew described it perfectly. “The student section should be a big party around the game,” she said, “and who sits at a party?” Losers sit at parties. So stand up and don’t be a loser.

2. Wear Orange - If you didn’t know this, Onondaga Community College might be a better fit for you. Shots Fired. But seriously, wear orange.

3. Berate the Opponent - Do this as much as possible. It’s so much fun. Even if you’re not within earshot, say it anyway. If you are within earshot, make sure that individual player can hear you. Personally attack him/her. Make them never want to come back to Syracuse again. If you can successfully do this, you’ll be a Syracuse legend, the next person to wear #44.

The Don’ts

Courtesy of Jason Rostkowski
1. Don’t Yell At Other Cuse Fans - We are one nation, under the Carrier Dome, with pride and enthusiasm for our teams. It’s okay to get really into it, but yelling at a fellow fan is a violation of Syracuse Fan Code. There’s nothing more frustrating than being screamed at for simply not cheering hard enough. That’s a major no-no. To each is their own.

2. Don’t Do the Wave - The wave is your one guy friend who tries too hard to get the girl. He buys flowers “just because,” sends lovey-dovey morning texts and spends way too much time with her. It may seem cool, but in hindsight, I promise you, it’s not. It’s a case of trying too hard, and we as Cuse Nation are simply better than that.

3. Don’t Be Late or Leave Early - I realize that we all have responsibilities and blah blah blah, but the most exciting parts of the games are at the beginning and end. That’s when our Syracuse brethren need us most and it’s also the most entertaining points of the game. If it’s a blowout, you’ll have the urge to leave but I advise you to hang in there. There is nothing funnier than watching the football team run over Colgate or seeing the short white walk-ons play for the basketball team. If you stay ‘til the end, you’ll be rewarded for your fandom with air balls and long runs.

Now that you’ve completed “Fan Preseason” you’re all ready for the upcoming year. You’re lucky I went easy on you. Next year, we’ll be running stairs and taking down goalposts in preparation for a big win.

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