Friday, August 12, 2011

The Top Five Non-Revenue Sports to Attend at Syracuse University

By Ben Glidden

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We all know Football, Basketball and Lacrosse games are fun to go to. But have you ever been to a non-revenue sporting event at Syracuse University? Many people haven't and are missing out on some of the hidden gems of campus. Here are the top non-revenue sporting events to attend:

5. Syracuse Soccer - SU Soccer Stadium is a great venue for a soccer game, especially under the lights. Night soccer games make you feel like you're at a professional sporting event. There is a great fan base and soccer is an upbeat sport worth checking out. Bring your vuvuzelas. If you need more reasons, click here.

4. Syracuse Field Hockey - What many people don't know about this team is that they are really good. The past few years they have been one of the best teams in the nation and have battled in the NCAA tournament. The team plays at J.S. Coyne Field on South Campus, a venue that holds up to 2,700 spectators. Field hockey can be an extremely exciting sport once you figure out what all the whistles mean. I definitely recommend you check out one of these games this fall.

3. Syracuse Ice Hockey - Ice Hockey is one of the fastest and most exciting sports. I've been to a lot of Syracuse Ice Hockey games and they are a blast. While the Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion may not be the ideal place to hold a hockey game, it still gets the job done. There isn't much room for spectators, which means the bleachers are packed for every game. The crowd gets loud and has hockey specific cheers that will provide you with a great fan experience.

2. Syracuse Women's Volleyball - Last year, the volleyball team started of its season 17-0. I had never been to a real volleyball game before going to my first Syracuse game and it was so much fun. The bumps, sets and spikes will definitely get you out of your seat and cheering. A lot of people show up to the games and they get loud. You'll definitely fall in love with the sport and the team after just one visit.

1. Syracuse Softball - The SU Softball Stadium is the place to be when spring comes around. The team is back-to-back Big East Champions and have performed pretty well in the NCAA Tournament the past couple years. These games are loud, fast paced and there is never a dull moment. While all the events are great to go to, the talent displayed on the softball field makes this the number one non-revenue sport to attend.

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